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A time in which oneself walks around with their abnormally large penis hanging out because they did not have the time to throw it over their shoulder and wrap it around their waist a few times, then fold it in half three times to make it appear normal size.
Dude, I was so sleepy this morning by the time I got out of the shower I was late for work so I decided today I was going to be rockin' out with my cock out.
by lerkin' jerkin from qka December 01, 2011
can be used to define what kind of night you are going to have, self explanatory. Usually used when a night of extreme alcoholism, fun, debauchery, or cocksmithing will be had.

Also used similarly with the term 'hangin out with my wang out' which usually takes place before rocking out with the cock out
A: What you doing tonight?
B: Rockin out with my cock out!
by Jiiviiviyh June 07, 2006
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