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To slow down team members who are working hard. i.e. dragging a rock.
We would have been done with this project sooner if we hadnt been rockied.
by MayFlower69 May 18, 2011
when two or more females gather in a public place and one gets more attention from the male population than the other females due to the size of the boobage.
girl 1: oh shit look at those dudes
girl 2: give up... we're gettin rockied
girl 1: come again?
girl 2: well they aint lookin at you hun... their all looking at girl 3's boobs
girl 3: try implants... you wont get rockied all the time
by maddgear December 29, 2010
When hot ash from a joint falls onto your hand when you're holding it.
Usually occurs when someone rolls a crap joint.
I got totally rockied when i smoked a joint that James had rolled.
by BonJovi August 28, 2005