Beautiful city in Northern Illinois, also known as the Forest City. Rockford is known for the Rockford Peaches which was made into a film starring Tom Hanks. Notable Rockfordians include; Michelle Williams and Danika Patrick. Formerly, the second largest city in Illinois it is now ranked third. Rockford, Illinois is home to among other things: Magic Waters water park, Anderson Japanese Gardens and the popular hibachi style restaurant J.M.K. Nippon's.
Rockford, IL is the largest city in the state-line area.
by Rockford Rocks! February 09, 2010
Top Definition
A town in NW Illinois, consisting of about 150,000 people. In general, there is nothing to do but smoke the refer, and get drunk off our asses. Rockford is pretty much known for having an incredibly high crime rate (partially due to the high unemployment). If planning to come to Rockford, make sure u come during a good time, like the Waterfront or Wing Ding, where you can watch people of all races come together in huge gatherings of drunkeness.
Best thing about Rockford: Hot Catholic School Girls Best thing to avoid: Mexicans, the West Side, Machesny Park, and Auburn High School
by Nick JizzUnit April 08, 2005
One of the worst, if not the worst, places in Illinois. Home to a variety of rednecks, wankers, losers, creeps, weirdos, and people who are generally worthless scum of the earth. There is hardly anything to do in Rockford. The few events Rockford holds include Wing Ding, On The Waterfront, and whatever comes to the Metrocentre. Generally, when an entertainer comes to Rockford, it is a sign that they are not doing very well in their career. This is because Chicago isn't very far away and anything that can draw a real crowd goes there. Rockford has a couple bottom of the barrel colleges and the public school district is one of the worst in the United States. This is mainly because of the school district's massive debt. A few people in Rockford like to think they are not rednecks but in reality it is those people who are the biggest rednecks of all. Rockford has a lot of cocaine and marijuana but absolutely no methamphetamine. Rockford has a lot of unemployment, crime, and girls who get pregnant when they are 16. Rockford truly is the epitome of cornpone and podunk.
There is no reason to go to Rockford, IL.
I stopped in Rockford to take a piss while traveling between Chicago and Madison.
I met some hicks in Rockford that were right out of Deliverance.
Rockford is full of faggots with baseball caps.
Everyone who lives in Rockford hates the place.
When I leave Rockford, I am never coming back!
by Losing Streak December 11, 2007
A shithole that needs more hotties. The only thing the town has going for it is the mass amount of marijuana for all to smoke.
Hey man, don't go to Rockford, that place sucks.
by el_mejicano April 15, 2005
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