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A person who is all around perfect for a best friend, its normally female and is completly understanding of all of her friends miscomings. Only Refers to people who names end in elle, ael, or ell.
Jessica your my Rockelle
by Piiman January 10, 2010
A blacklisted female dog from the outskirts of Siberia. Rockelles are commonly known to bite ones eyes out on first contact. One must be warned to take extreme caution when approaching a, Rockelle. In 1743, Robert Gilswigger discovered that using a pear dipped in kool aid worked best to subdue Rockelles. Although kool aid wasn't invented for another 200 years.
Billy: Yo, bro, did you meet that rockelle in town?

You: Yea...

Billy: Why'd she leave you with just that eye? That's just sick yo.

You: Your telling me, now i can't even see that eye anymore.
by BillyBobJoeness2 November 08, 2010
The best most sexxiest bitch in town she can be the perfect stripper for all the boys
Rockelle is awseome
by good love March 29, 2016
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