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1. To excel in any given area with no experience.

2. To be innately excellent at a given task without prior training or experience. Especially in regards to physical prowess.

3. To be a hard man/woman for no apparent reason.

Originally from biology, where the belly and throat of land mammals are the main targets for predators. Some individual animals were observed to repeatedly escape attacks from predators (large cats etc.) despite having no obvious physical advantages. Biologists joked that these individuals had “rock for bellys” and predators could not bite into them.

Phrase has been bastardised and is common among weightlifters and body builders. Can also occasionally be seen in internet forums
"Man I work out all the time, but Mark still kicked my ass"
"He rockbellyed you good....... bitch"

"I challenged Jenna to a match in MW2, she had never played before. But she pwnd the shit out of me. She was a total rockbelly! "
by HammerTime5533 May 03, 2010
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