a genre of music that i think has died and looking back in 20 years none of bands wil be remembered because most suck. When people list good rock bands its seems 80 percent are from over 20 years ago.
Nas is high hip hop aint dead rock n roll is.
by gwtrgtre August 05, 2007
A skateboard trick in a half-pipe, mini ramp, on a quarter pipe, and its a type of crazy people music. (where people bust up perfectly good guitars, and will kill themselves in a concert)
that was a pretty clean rock'n'roll, steve caballaro.

Rock'n'roll is crazy people music. Its not that great.
by slay December 26, 2003
The Gayest music in the world performed only by ugly faggots like David Bowie,John Lennon,Elvis Presley and much more.The fans of this dumb excuse for music are retarded idiots who like to dress like the ugly fuckin rockers and have long hairs and ugly masks.
Rock rhymes with cock so rock sucks cock.Rock N Roll sucks King Kong`s balls and ass.
by flippyio June 27, 2011
music people think came from the british. it actually came from america in the 50's. Elvis Presley sings rock n roll not those british bands like ac/dc or black sabbath. americans created rock n roll style too (greasers)
brit: we created rock n roll because we have AC/DC

American: no, we created rock n roll because we have elvis presley, which was way before all those bands
by maria morales July 01, 2006
1)A term used to describe an overhyped fad. 2)A word used to describe an exhausted genre. 3)A phrase used to describe the end result of poor musicians, who are even worse lyricists, composing a horrendously sounding 1 to 2.5 minute song that is hailed by the bourgeoisie, not because of any inherent greatness in compostion or artistic value, but because it provides catharsis in a boring materialistic non-spiritual society. Most 'great' rock ideas have been stolen from blues, gospel, and jazz artists who labored with genuine passion to produce something complex, original, and timeless.
Johnny: Hey those black people have a good musical idea.
David: Let's repackage it and serve it to the middle class.
Johnny: We'll call it Rock N Roll
David: Yeah. Find someone with mediocre musical skills.
Johnny: We'll appeal to short sighted youth.
David: We'll be millionaires.
Johnny: We'll save the world.
David: Rock On.
by Melizza September 23, 2005
Rock And Roll Bands: If they aren't listed here, they suck or aren't real rock and roll.

For Your convenience, I have also listed their best song. If you disagree with me, you are wrong.

Also, no One-Hit Wonders qualify. These have to be actually talented bands.

(Yes, the links are intentional)
In No particular order:

-Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)
-Led Zeppelin (Stairway to Heaven)
-AC/DC (Back in Black)
-The Beatles (Hey Jude)
-The Who (Baba O'Riley)
-The Rolling Stones(Satisfaction)
-Aerosmith (Sweet Emotion)
-Guns N' Roses (November Rain)
-Metallica (One)
-U2 (One)
-Van Halen (1984)
-Pink Floyd (Another Brick in the Wall)
-The Doors (Light my Fire)
-Bob Dylan (Like A Rolling Stone)
-CCR (Have You Ever Seen the Rain)
-Jimi Hendrix (All Along the Watchtower)
-Lynryd Skynryd (Sweet Home Alabama)
-The Kinks (You Really Got Me)
-The Eagles (Hotel California}
-Elton John (Tiny Dancer)
-Styx (Come Sail Away)
-Jeffreson Airplane (Somebody to Love)

That's all. If you don't like rock and roll, you suck. And so does your mom.
Also appears in the other Rock n Roll Defenitions. I fixed the typo's this time. Don't I rock? :)
by Rampant Teamkiller July 04, 2004
its when someone turns crack cocaine into crack by rockin it up.
lets go rock'n'roll so we can make more dough off this ish.
by mimi April 26, 2004

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