a lifestyle or somesort designed on the kenny
: your so more roll than rock

: shut ur face
by KickArseKenny November 25, 2004
its like music ok?? it used to be rock and roll then rock n roll now its just rock..... um yeah
by Dont look back in anger October 30, 2004
Face melting, heart pounding, ear ringing.Usually with a electric guitar, drums, singer, other guitarists, and millions of screaming fans. A few different types: Punk Rock, rock n roll, Hard Rock, and many more, it depends on who you are asking about rock n roll.
Some artists (or bands): Linkin Park, Crossfade, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Fuel, Evanesecence, and Simple Plan, all fall into a category of rock n roll.
by Girly Rocker July 01, 2005
An awesome genre of music that many believe died after the 80s. I say that new rock is good but it was best in the 90s with Rage Against The Machine, Green Day, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Offspring, and Metallica.
Do I really need to add an example.
by Okita-Sama March 12, 2005
To quote Bill Haley, who prety much invented rock, it is volatile mix of country and pop. At least, originally it was. It has its roots with black R&B dudes and folk singer type guys. Then white people started mixing it with country & pop (see above), and it started to become rock 'n' roll. Starting in the mid '50s, people such as Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presely, and others created a whole new genre. In teh early '60s, surf bands like the Beach Boys and others started chaning it a bit. y the late '60s, it started to lose sight of its purpose. Hippies started transforming it from realtively short and fast songs into long, slow, boring songs about God-knows-what. By the '70s, bands like the Ramones starting to bring it back to its roots, only with a harder edge. Around this time, metal was created. Metal is hardly rock. Then it got pop-ified in the '80s, then it transformed into a bland, repetitive, boring commerical music in the '90s, finally being pashed out of mainstream society by metalheads and ganster rap people.
1. Lou Reed is a great writer. His song, Rock 'n' Roll, is a great song.
2. The Ramones saved rock.
by Myajd jdg June 23, 2005
rock and roll was originated or created by black people but as it usual white people came and stole just like they will do to rap music or hip hop.
if u listen to rock and dont know its origins then ask bono, or some1 who knows wat am talkin abt.peace. or go to google and TYPE origin of rock and roll or is rock black music then come back to comment. pardon my english!

and if u wanna see similarities between rock n roll and rap check below
rock n roll. sex,drug,fastline,woman and money
rap. bang(sex)weed(drug) hoes and bitiches and the green(money)
rock n roll created or inveted by black people revolutionated by white people.
rock n roll.....
good example is wat we see now, eminem is in, so is bubba, vanilla ice, now paul wall. soon they will take over rap music just as they did to rock and roll and we gonna move to something different maybe pimpin some hard bitches or running under the water but the phony people always will take over whatever invetion we come out with.
by ped-londres November 17, 2006
Originally meaning to fuck really hard and long that you're so tired and eventually roll off a bed. Started from some jewish guy who fucked a black chick. Also a form of music that kicks ass.
That bitch was so hot I just wanted to rock n roll with her.
by nathan aka natedog July 07, 2005

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