Rhyming slang for being on the 'dole' (unemployment benefit in the UK yankee dudes.
Got a job yet?
No, i'm still on the rock 'n' roll.
by The Bub Gob September 27, 2004
An add-on phrase used mainly to confirm something, or to give the last word in a fight.
Person 1: Hey man are you gonna go to the KMFDM concert?
Person 2: Rock 'n' Roll

Person 1: Are you lying to me?
Person 2: Rock 'n' Roll
by Sam A. M. October 16, 2003
A type of music. usually this genre saves people from killing themselves. this music can deal with satanity or just pure harcoreness. it is simply the most awsome music u can ever have! it goes along with heavy metal, punk rock, gothic rock, classic rock, alternative, and pop rock. EXCEPT POP ROCK SUX!
Have you heard of Guns N' Roses? they play Rock N' Roll.
by Tm4prez August 06, 2009
Kiss, led zep, acdc,queen, beach boys, guns n roses, black sabeth. all rock bands and all sound unique and not totally alike. Rock consists of different Genres froem heavey metle, to soft rock. persoonally i love punk rock e.g. the hives, sugarcult etc . . .
Kiss is the greatest rock n roll band ever. i mean cumin, have u seen gene simons' toungue !!!!!
by Steve white July 21, 2005
(Bay Area)1. v. to prepare for action 2. street slang. usually coined by drug peddlers pushers projected towards drug consumers dope fiends
1. Time to rock n roll! 2. Nigga hurry up and get what you came fo' and scat. Get yo' rock n roll.
by Big Kolah March 28, 2005
The rock n roll is a benifit called the job seekers allowence, AKA the dole
i dont have a job, i'm on the rock n roll
by mr smith March 08, 2005
the person who wrote the original definition is a bitch
got no example. fuck that! shit!
by rap sucks March 28, 2005

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