A form of music usually involving guitars, drums, bass and vocals. Also a dismissive or 'whatever' type statement given when there is nothing else to say, or as a prefix to an equally dismissive or 'whatever' type phrase.
"Rock 'n' roll, deal with it."
"Whatever, rock 'n' roll."
by Anton S. Trees September 30, 2003
A exclamation of excitement.

Generally used in reference to going someplace.
Let's rock 'n roll!
by Mike Hayes January 15, 2004
the 8 foot tall sub-human that has been following me around ever since birth. he tells me to take drugs and get fucked. hes also to blame for the voices i hear at night, my deppresion, my bad grades, my low self asteem and my hate twards jesus "the son of god." im the only one who can see him or recognise his presents.
my mother: why arent you wearing any pants?

me: rock n roll baby, rock n roll.
by m.c. wolfmang November 30, 2009
having sex
1) rock n roll is so much fun

2) "dude i had so much fun rock n rollin last nite"
by tori101 November 21, 2010
hey not really gonna define rock 'n roll cause that first defenition has got it coverd. I just got to say that the kid who wrote the definition defning what bands rock and if you disagree your wrong. Ya man your a fucking idiot. You dont know shit about Rock 'N Roll. You list a couple hits and think your fit to define rock itself. You can't say what bands rock cause there to many. Next time you go to set a defenition make sure you know what the fuck your talking about.
You dont have a fucking clue what Rock 'N Roll is.
by Chuck Berry November 25, 2006
To leave, depart or proceed without delay.
Hurry up, Dude, let's rock 'n' roll!
by starved in ph July 27, 2006
I term usually said when preparing to execute something pretty awesome.
"I dare you to do a back flip from the diving board."

"Alright, man! ROCK N' ROLL!!"
by ShadowJ April 06, 2014

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