(Aviation variant) - Parking spot right outside flight ops. Easy to get to, no effort required. Better than what some unfortunate bastards have to shlep to.
Frank: "Hey, we'll commo check in an hour. Where you parked at?"
Neil: "Ha-HA! I'm flyin' 491 today - rock star parking! Where you at?"
Frank: "Fucking 451. I gotta hump my flight gear all the way down the goddamn flight line."
Neil: "Dude, that sucks...sucks to be you, that is."
by West Neil September 29, 2006
A style of parking in which you drive circles around the mall lot for two hours in your 4 MPG SUV looking for a space that partially covers both the handicap spot and the fire lane so as to allow yourself to walk less than one and a half feet to get your fat ass into the front door.
Dude, I got like crazy Rock Star Parking at the Gap today; it was so pimp that there was like thirteen teenie boppers hoarding my car when I got out because they thought I was like a professional celebrity!
by DMastro April 21, 2008
also known as 'doris day parking', after the actress who would idle in parking lots waiting for the perfect space
we arrived late but still scored doris day parking
by stendhalismo August 08, 2005
Parking inconsiderately or illegally so as to maximize one's own safety, comfort, and convenience. When parallel parking, placing one's vehicle in the center of an open space at least two vehicles long, so as to maximize the spaces between the other vehicles and one's own.
"Nice rock star parking. I could have parked on this block if you'd parked like a human, but instead I ended up two blocks down."
by Oak_23 May 10, 2006

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