A code used between two sailors when they dont wanna be gay and say they miss each other!
Hey Christen! Rock Lobster Darlin!
by Extremely large cranium May 19, 2008
An alcoholic shot; one part Razzamatazz, one part Crown Royal, sometimes has some Cranberry juice as well
(at a bar) "I'll have a Rock Lobster."
by bangerang January 24, 2006
a male pedophile
"look at the guy with the tatts, i bet he's a rock lobster"
by Nat Sometimes April 25, 2009
meaning cooler than cool better than better and awesome-r than awesome
1.dude your shoes are totally rock lobster
2.youre pretty rock lobster bro
3.this example isnt so rock lobster
by fshleigh aletcher (; August 21, 2008
when someone or something is amazingly cool or awesome
ashleigh your shoes are totally rock lobster
by ashleigh (: July 28, 2008
Someone who is extremely sunburned to the point of skin cancer
Person 1-"that old guy in the beach house next to us is a rock lobster"
Person 2-"haha yea he is"
by u know who it is September 19, 2007
what retarded people think is just a song by the B-52's. It's a boner!
I will fuck you with my rock lobster.
by BettaThanYou May 12, 2008

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