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A term used when a person has plans to do really good at something they really like. A bragging notion that you are going to be better than everyone else at the activity.
Steve: Hey Mike, you want to play some Halo tonight?
Mike: You better watch it Steve, cause I'm going to rock out with my cock out!
by Ghetto Fabulous Wanksta May 13, 2005
A term used for partying, rocking, party-boying, jamming, or during the acceptance of an invitation. Also can be used if one is about to perform something they are accustomed to. (in some scenarios, this requires alot of confidence, or Swagger)
Guy 1: "Yo bro, we're goin' to Trish's party. You in?"
Guy 2: "Hell yeah! I'm gonna rock out with my cock out."
by 9th-Grade-Insanity February 01, 2010
exactly what it says.
similar to "hang out with my wang out".
Pete exclaimed, "Dude, rock out!"
Chris said, "Psh, I rock out with my cock out!"
by KaitlynKarma[TM] May 11, 2008
to rock out with ones cock out is to get crazy while with ones penis out
say man you gonna go to da party
hells yea ima rock out with my cock out
by tyrone de la cruz cuervo January 13, 2010
Dude who gets psycho stoned and/or drunk, thinks he's a rock star, and acts like an assclown.
Adan was wasted at the IU game and said, "I'm gonna rock out with my cock out" before he fondled his friends' wives and urinated in their cars.
by Anti AMac November 15, 2007
to not care what others think of a situation.
"dude, that asshole in the other cars flipping you off! Fucking crash him!" " Nah, ill just rock out with my cock out"
by ethan bernard May 02, 2008
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