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n. 1 A person whose stomach can hold anything, no matter how spicy, foul, what have you.

2 A stomach that can hold anything (like Iron Gut, Iron belly), no matter how spicy, foul, what have you.

I think it comes from generations of people mis-hearing "Rot Gut," (which means hard liquor of such poor quality that it will rot your gut). People who knew the term "Rot Gut" would hear someone say "Rock Gut" and assume the speaker meant something like "Iron Belly," (which often makes some sense in context) and now we have both terms, though many people still say Rock gut when they mean rot gut.
You'd have to have/be a rock gut to have a second helping of Miss Fogarty's Christmas cake.

His stomach can take a pounding; that's why we call him 'Old Rock gut.' Hey, Rock gut, you wanna another kettle of chili?
by grammophile September 30, 2011
When you're so full from eating the food is just sitting in your stomach like a rock.
Man, Pizza Hut gave me the worst rock gut ever.
by Jay Cam January 07, 2009
Cheap beer that usually tastes horrible.
"Ah man this rock gut is gonna make me puke, I wish we weren't so poor!"
by insinuwait May 22, 2008

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