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Parking up close to the venue being visited.
I don't want to drive. I can't afford to give up my rock star parking spot.
by M Silvey July 11, 2005
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The rare occurrence of obtaining a parking space directly outside the door of a bar, club, or restaurant.
Woot! We just got Rock Star Parking! Let’s go liquor up some ladies and get them naked back at my place.
by 1point3liter August 08, 2005
The closest, or most desirable parking spot
Since I got to work at 7, I got Rock Star parking.

I really lucked out at the mall today, and got Rock Star Parking.
by onefaller August 16, 2005
Parking somewhere that does not obey the normal parking conventions. Such as: across 3 parking spaces, on the sidewalk, in the hotel lobby.
"Got another ticket last night for rockstar parking. I'm going to fight it though, there wasn't a single no parking sign around the pool."
by Spiv May 09, 2006
parking in the first or second spot nearest to the destination.

parking in the closest spot available to your destination (not including handicapped designated areas).

parking right next to the door or the building.
Check out my rockstar parking spot!

I got a rockstar parking spot!
by 2loki August 09, 2005
When you find an amazing parking spot in a crowded lot as if you were a Rockstar and it was saved just for you.
Passenger: Damn, there's crap load of people at Wal-Mart this morning

Driver: That's ok, cause... yup, got my Rockstar Parking right here.

Passenger: Lucky bastard.
by mschne7 June 15, 2009
(Aviation variant) - Parking spot right outside flight ops. Easy to get to, no effort required. Better than what some unfortunate bastards have to shlep to.
Frank: "Hey, we'll commo check in an hour. Where you parked at?"
Neil: "Ha-HA! I'm flyin' 491 today - rock star parking! Where you at?"
Frank: "Fucking 451. I gotta hump my flight gear all the way down the goddamn flight line."
Neil: "Dude, that to be you, that is."
by West Neil September 29, 2006

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