Someone who picks up your coke for you and then proceeds to pinch your bag
"DT picked up an 8-ball for me but when I got it it was half a gram short"

"How did that happen?"

"DT Rock Lobster'ed me"

"That fucking Rock Lobster!"
#rocklobster #rizok lobster #coke theif #the king rock lobster #rock lobsterism
by b0ing August 13, 2009
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1) it's not quite a rock, it's not quite a lobster; it's a Rock Lobster

2) a creature often found at parties and under docks at the beach
Someone went under a dock, there they found a rock! It wasn't a rock! It was a Rock Lobster!
by DarkMatter October 13, 2004
great/stupid/funny ass song by the b-52's, redone by Peter Griffin on Family Guy
"...but it wasnt a rock, it was a rock lobstaaa(guitar plays)rock lobsta (guitar plays) ROCK LOBSTA!!!" peter griffin version of Rock Lobster
by Garita August 31, 2005
greatest song by the b52's, besides love shack
b52's sing lots of crazy songs like rock lobster
by nico January 22, 2005
The natural bulge of a man's genitals in a pair of slim fitted pants
"That fat kid's rock lobster made me throw up in my mouth a little."
#natural buldge #pearl necklace #family jewels #camel toe #male camel toe
by Cornelius Vanderbilt II April 22, 2009
1) the male equivalent of a camel toe. Usually achieved by wearing extremely tight pants or shorts to accentuate a clear silhouette of one's member.

Also known as "rocking the lobster"
Tommy put on his hot pants and checked the mirror to make sure that his rock lobster would be clearly visible by his fans in the front row.

#camel toe #melvin #wedgie #roni #tea-bag #dirty sanchez #rock #lobster #frontal wedgie #mushroom #mushroom tip #helmet
by lobster girl January 07, 2008
A lobster thats been dead for so long its as hard as a rock.
wow, what a rocklobster
#fish #lobsters #water #rocks #hard
by Joereflex July 03, 2006
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