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A city near the western edge of Illinois, along the only part of the Mississippi that runs East-West. Rock Island High School is considered the worst high school in the area, with a drop-out rate hovering around 50%. Anybody with money and a protective parental nature sends their children to Alleman High School. If you value your life, avoid the area west of 11th Street. Rock Island is the fictional birthplace of the Blues Brothers. Chief Blackhawk and his Sauk Tribe were the original inhabitants of this territory, before the white man decided to fuck with them. The nearby Rock Island Arsenal manufactures armor for Humvees. In short, Rock Island is a bad ass town that has since lost it's appeal.

Also, we have black squirrels.
Cheesehead: Where are you from?
FIB: Rock Island
Cheesehead: Is that, like, Chicago?
FIB: **face-palm**
by Col. Davenport April 04, 2010

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