A nickname for rochester new york. The name was given by the infamous Joe Tricarico. way better of a nickname then rochacha
Marcus: hey lets head to Rocho to pick up some garbage plates

Joe:yea lets get some chicken french while were up ther

Marcus: sounds awesome!!!
by marcus crawford roxorz September 25, 2008
Top Definition
As defined by a Joe (triplecharged) Tricarico, Rocho is used as a slang term for rochester. this term is much better than rachacha, as it is used by the natives unlike rachacha.
Marcus: yo Im going to rocho to get some garbage plates
Joe:sounds awesome... can we get some chicken french too???
Marcus: yea that sounds swell!!!
by Babyskin Crawford October 06, 2008
A complimentary name for Hispanics; generally used to describe swag, confidence, or being adept at something.
look at that rochos he's a beast
by a rochos January 30, 2011
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