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Rochester Hills Michigan.. a peaceful little town in south-east Michigan.. Most Teens In this town go to either Rochester High School.. Stoney Creek High School or Rochester Adams High School.. being a mostly Average mid-western White, Republican, Christian town.. consisting of all the social classes from kids living in the TP to kids in the fancy houses on the north side of town.. at times things can get a little awkward.. trouble around Rochester Hills is mainly started by pure boredom.. there are few things to do around Rochester Hills.. the list devised of things to do in Rochester

1. Go to the Village Walton .blvd and Adams .Rd
2. Go Downtown
3. Do drugs

4. Have Sex
5. kill time with self mutilation or yourself with suicide
6. X-BOX video games in general

6 things to do... Pity..
Let's go to Rochester Hills, Michigan I need to be bored!
by Tokin'Owlman November 01, 2010
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