To work in a call center atmosphere and rush through outgoing calls, only letting the phone ring once... Then once you get a live person, you transfer them to another dept. so fast, you don't realize they are really not even remotely interested, wasting everyone's time... Oh, and you also go on rants about stupid shit no one cares about ALLLLLL damn day...
Man!! Don't transfer people like that, You are totally Roberting the calls, asshole!!
by Wouldn't you like to know!? May 09, 2008
Top Definition
Roberting(verb) is an act that's outcome is against all common knowledge and sense.
example#1 roberting is believing that Chuck norris is a fag. example#2 Roberting is Popping a boner from looking at a kid.
by asainator April 22, 2010
To constantly be on one's phone during social situations.
How about you put your phone down and stop Roberting during dinner.
by Uribees January 16, 2014
We all know the gorgeous, dazzling, amazing, talented, awsome, cute, hottest, etc. actor Robert Pattinson.
Roberting means: thinking about Robert Pattinson or talking about him or searching Rob on the internet...

Bella: Lia, what are you doing?
Lia: Well Bells, I'm looking at Rob's pics...( sigh)
Bella: ahaaa... so you're Roberting, AGAIN !
by HisGoldenEyesForever April 13, 2009
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