Robert Pattinson aka R-Patz, Rob Patz, or whatever else you want to call him, is a British actor. He is fantastically GORGEOUS. His eyes are gorgeous, his hair is gorgeous, his face is just plain gorgeous, his lips are gorgeous, his cheekbones are gorgeous, his laugh is gorgeous, his singing voice is gorgeous, the way he plays the piano is gorgeous and even his WALK is gorgeous. No, I'm not exaggerating. He also has the hottest voice on the entire planet.

He has starred in Harry Potter but also in Twilight and Little Ashes, where he appeared naked. He is probably best known for playing Edward Cullen in Twilight.

I think it's funny how guys call him gay. It's obvious they're just jealous that he has millions of girls chasing him.
* A Guy watches Twilight, and thinks Robert Pattinson is amazingly good looking, but decides to act manly and doesn't admit it *

- Goes on urban dictionary and writes a horrible definition -
something along the lines of:
"Robert Pattinson is a gay fag who has an awful laugh and plays an ugly fake guy in Twilight, the worst film I've ever seen"
An attractive actor with nice eyebrows, has starred in Harry Potter as Cedric Diggory, but is best known for his recent role in Twilight as Edward Cullen.

by Greenday678912345 April 23, 2009
the hottest guy ever to walk planet earth

in one word-- prefection
i frequently dream of Robert Pattinson
by saza January 05, 2009
the most sexiest, inhumanly, gorgous person alive... who should be locked up for being so good looking.
by DieHard Twilighter March 24, 2009
a gorgeous, talented, charming British actor who won the hearts of so many as Edward Cullen in Twilight. unlike other Hollywood youngsters, this guy does not care about the attention from the media, in fact, he would rather go unnoticed in the hippest places.
Damn! i wanna fuck that Robert Pattinson. He's just so damn sexy and dirty.
by disbitchizbad March 26, 2009
Robert Pattinson is the one and only gorgeous Edward Cullen from Twilight and the hearthrob Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. He looks fabulous during both of these movies, and yet, whenever you see him in the real world he is unshaven and it looks like he has just gotten out of bed. He's trying to pull off the tough guy look, and it doesn't suit him in the slightest way! He doesn't need to try so hard, because it looks crappy and he doesn't need help with girls anyway.Trust me, probably every girl in america has heard of him and at least one half want to marry him. He is still so sexy, but he could go far with combing his hair before going out in public. I am a HUGE fan of both Harry Potter and the Twilight Series, so just know that Robert is HOT, but he always looks like he just came out of a hangover.
Why can't gorgeous Robert Pattinson look like Edward Cullen or Cedric Diggory? Is it his crapped hair or the way he always looks mad?
by TwilightLover09 March 21, 2009
Sexysexyyy man,best known for playing Edward Cullen in Twilight and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. He has also been in lots of other films:
Little Ashes
Vanity Fair
The Haunted Airman
The Bad Mother Handbook
How To Be
The SummerHouse
He is the most perfect singer, musician, actor ever.
But unfortunately, he belongs to Amy Patter* and Sally Tiger*, who are completelyyyyy obssessed with him (and are proud of it!) :D
> So no other girls (or boys, if you like) can have him :)
Sorry guys :)
**not real names, made - up names used.
oh, he's so sexy"
"Just like Robert Pattinson!"
by PrettyFace May 17, 2009

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