An actor who is idolized by some teen aged girls and thought to be a revolting and gay guy who never bathes by the rest of the world.
He was fairly good as Cedric in Harry Potter, but rather creepy and ugly as Edward in Twilight.
girl: Robert Pattinson is sooooooooooooo hot! omg omg!

boy: Robert Pattinson is the mopst horrible fagot I have ever seen!he ruined my entire life!

me: get a life both of u
by iamthe walrus12345 January 24, 2010
A gay, ugly, stupid actor!!
Did you see that guy? He looks soo gay!! He is so robert-pattinson like!! lol
by mimiblabla December 18, 2009
A bleeping ugly actorthat retarded girls without a life drool over who got blasted in Harry Potter four and portrayed the most perfect guy in the world, Edward Cullen, as a whiney freak in Twilight. If you girls are going to drool over a vampire, pick Jasper, because he's gorgeous!!!
Barbie: OMG, Robert Pattinson is so HOT!!! I'm going to marry him when I grow up!
Me: Oh, shut UP!!! Seriously, screw team Edward, because I'm team Jasper.
Friend: Yeah, Jackson Rathbone is a sexy man, and that other thing is just a beast.
by P.H. Evremonde February 09, 2009
He is the most adorable, hot, sexy, man, actor, singer, and musician ever!
He has been in the movies
Vanity Fair
The Haunter Airman
Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire
The Bad Mother Handbook
How to be
The summer house
Little Ashes
He has the cutest laugh ever!
His blue eyes are extremely gorgeos!
He has haters because he is playing a perfect man vampire in the movie "Twilight" but no one is perfect, so dont hate him because he is the closest to perfect anyone will ever get soooo
go away and play in traffic if you are going to hate on him!
anyways robert pattinson in one word is
AMAZING in alll ways
The end.
Robert Pattinson = sexbomb
by fanpireandtwilighter July 15, 2008
Most amazing guy ever to have lived. He's an actor and has played many roles such as Cedric diggory in 'Harry potter and the order of the phoenix'. He's also going to be the big star in this years release of 'twilight' which was originally a book written by Stephenie meyer. Robert Is playing the 'good 'vegetarian' vampire' called Edward Cullen who falls in love with a girl called Bella swan.
He was Born in London, England in 1986. He is also a very good pianist and guitarist.
Robert Pattinson thats in harry potter and twilight (playing a vampire)
by Laura Jennings May 04, 2008
Robert Pattinson did a wonderful acting job playing Cedric Diggory in "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire", but lost copious amounts of respect when he gained the role of Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" series.

He is mildly attractive, but the raging fangirls bring his hotness level from a 9 to a 4.
Girl 1: OMG Robert Pattinson is sooo hot!

Girl 2: Yeah, he did a great job in Harry Potter!

Girl 1: You mean in Twilight?

Girl 2:
by Kaffro March 26, 2010
A British Actor that is most famous for the role 'Edward Cullen' in the movie 'Twilight'. Adored by women and also used in an insult between men that refers to words such as 'faggot, homosexual, gay, glittering vampire, pussy, pale freak, asshole, ugly, hairy chest, and big lips'

Note: If this word is used as a compliment to teenage girls.
Max: Your so gay you can star in the movie Broad back mountain

Matthew: Your so gay, you can star in Twilight and make out with Robert Pattinson
by pandacoach-ricky November 05, 2009
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