British dude who got famous for his interpretation of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, and got even more famous after playing the role of Edward Cullen on the movie Twilight. Adored by millions of stupid fans,who blindly think he is gorgeous, not realizing that his flat face really look's like he was hit by a big, hard, flat plank when he was little, leaving him hideous for the rest of his life. He doesn't give a shit about what his fans think about him and likes to drink and get hung over.
fan 1: Oh look there is Robbert Pattinson!

fan 2: OMG he is so gorgeous! Hey Robert! sign us an autograph!

Robert Pattinson: stupid fans... why can't they go get a life and leave me be?
by simple.funny.hyper.crazy March 17, 2009
A British actor who is well known for playing Cedric in Harry Potter, and Edward Cullen in the Twilight series. Also the subject of many girls' fantasies. In some people's opinion, he is a person who's ego is larger than a mansion, he has no posture or acting ability, and is a creeper. The people in the forementioned group will vary in reactions when "R Pattz" fangirls squee at him. Some reactions will be: faked, induced or automatic vomiting, running away, or badmouthing him (which is rather dangerous to attempt)
Fangirls have been known to ask him to bite them, sleep with them, or marry them.
Ana: "Oh I'm destined to become Robert Pattinson's wife. I know it!"
Lyri: *fakes puking* "Yeah, you and all the other obsessed fangirls out there. If i didn't hate him so much..."
Ana: "Come on, he's talented, wonderful at singing, and gorgeous!"
Lyri: "Ummmm, no." *walks away*
by Illyria Schiff August 24, 2009
The actor who plays Edward Sparklefag in the Twilight movie. A confirmed Anti, he has openly declared that he thinks Stephanie Meyer's writing is ridiculous. Before acting in Twilight, he played Cedric Diggory, a rather underappreciated performance. Poor guy should've read the book before he signed up. Ah well, he's getting paid, and he only has one more movie to do.
Also, he has superpowers of boredom that he uses to repel stalkers.
Robert Pattinson: Blah blah blah blah blah
Stalker: ....
Robert: Blah blah blah blah blah
Stalker: -leaves-
Robert: Phew.
by Fnord of the Bananas August 27, 2010
A recently famous actor who lives in Barnes, London. He has recently been the fantasy of all the girls in the world. However, It is by now widely known that he has a one inch wonder, and is shite in bed.
Fugly girl 1: Itz R Pattz innit!

Fugly girl 2: yeee... he's well buff!

One of the 1000 girls he has slept with: you two have obviously not seen his one inch wonder yet.

Fugly girl 1: shut up, I'm gonna marry him when I'm older

Another girl who has slept with Robert pattinson: Whateva!

by Rpattz fan125! February 24, 2009
A pretty good actor, but most don't see that due to his douchebagey role in the Twilight Series produced by people who clearly got their degrees in a dark alley somewhere.
Robert Pattinson is a pretty good actor. I enjoyed his role in Remember Me & also in one of the Harry Potter films as Cedric Diggory. Too bad ignorant assholes judge him based on a shit film like Twilight.
by jsjdhahw January 05, 2011
The best thing to happen to Hollywood since .... well, ever.

Smart, shy, funny, talented, and most importantly down-to-earth and humble, Robert serves as an example of everything young Hollywood should be ... and sadly is not.
Robert Pattinson is brilliant and amazing. End of story.
by popculturejunkie October 22, 2011
n. Guy that all insecure males are jealous of.
Girlfriend: Wow, I think that Robert Pattinson is really talented, hot and charming.

Boyfriend: Huh? I think he's a..a...a big jerk! Yeah!
by miss normal August 10, 2010
This is the best actor in the world.
He has played charaters such as:
Edward Cullen (Twilight)
Art (How To Be)
Daniel Gale (Bad Mothers Handbook)
Cedric Diggory (Harry Potter GOF)
He is my favorite actor, and should be yours.
Sadly, Robert has been commonly associated with Twilight and people forget about his other films.
but he is amazing. :)
and hes a sex bomb

Erica: Hey look at that guys eyebrows.. they are big.
Carly: Eyyy man. Don't mess, those are R-pattz (Robert Pattinson) eyebrows!
by rushbrook April 22, 2008

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