An Extremly hot guy. Usually with dark hair and dark eyes. Sucks at lying and or acting. is talked about by peers and is often self obsorbed and overly confident.
did you see that hottie, he is such a robert.
oh my gosh a robert was staring at me today.
there were so many suckish roberts at the grammys who didn't win anything.
by mr. nobody 6468 March 07, 2009
Is a very powerful name. Most CEO's are named Robert, which in return they are usualy wealthy. Parents that name thier child Robert expect them to be very succesful. It is usually seen as the first born son's name. A good match for Robert's are females named Brittany or Nishelle. The names Robert and Brittany together tend to create an everlasting love that will never end.
"CEO of the multi-billion dollar corporation is named Robert and his wife is named Brittany."
by Trebor12 December 03, 2007
Robert is a sweet and caring person. He is very shy around people and often can be a joker. He is good in bed and has a very large wang. His friends might be of the mean side of people but it is all in good fun. Robert knows how to treat a girl right and he is very strong. he likes to put himself down alot not trying to do anything and is very lazy. All in all Robert is a good person and a good friend
I am in love with Robert!!
by countrydarlin September 06, 2013
If you have a Robert nearby, be sure to say congratulations. He is smart, sexy, and buff. He is like a GOD. If you make friends with him, it will bring great rewards. Roberts are TOTALLY AWESOME.
Girl: Oh, you are such a Robert, I want to marry you.
Boy: Thanks!
by SexyGuy May 27, 2013
A cuddley and caring human being. Hes a closed book, but when you get to know him he's a wonderful guy. The one he secretly wants doesn't know of his good intentions, only his flaws. He's intelligent but doesn't apply himself. His attention is either on his laptop or thinking about his "Juliet".
That's Robert, he's such an enigma
by a concerned individual October 20, 2013
A Robert is the ultimate babe
"Damnnnnnn he's a Robert!"
by Babii October 17, 2013
Not the best looking guy around but is still kind of cute. Can be a major jerk sometimes, but it alright once you get to know him. Always says "Thanks for the compliment!" when you say "I love you." Has great taste in music. Dosen't take anyone's crap.
Robert is awesome! But he sure gets on my nerves sometimes.
by iLoveRobert:P April 05, 2011

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