A fine sexy man that only hott girls find attractive.

-Has rosy cheeks.
-And hott hairy legs.
Hott girl: That robert is one hot guy.
Ugly girl: ew he is ugly.
by ahyeeeeeees . March 06, 2010
A wise-cracking, smart-talking, humorous, and quick-witted person who is the butt of jokes but secretly admired by all.
That guy over there is such a Robert, but man, he is cool.
by cool cousin-in-law February 03, 2010
Is a very powerful name. Most CEO's are named Robert, which in return they are usualy wealthy. Parents that name thier child Robert expect them to be very succesful. It is usually seen as the first born son's name. A good match for Robert's are females named Brittany or Nishelle. The names Robert and Brittany together tend to create an everlasting love that will never end.
"CEO of the multi-billion dollar corporation is named Robert and his wife is named Brittany."
by Trebor12 December 03, 2007
A Robert is a great and intelligent man, who has the personally of a true gentleman. They are sometimes shy or hard to get to know but once you know them, you'll never forget them. However, Roberts, can also be a true badass and can take charge of any situation telling people off. They are always on time for any given appoitment and are always well dressed, shaved, and smelling of sexy cologne. They are also quite the ladies man but don't know it. Women flock from miles just to catch a glimpse of a Robert... Tall dark and handsome; and usually from an Asian, Italian, or Spanish orgin. Roberts are usually computer savvy and have the best success at whatever their profession is. If you know a Robert, consider yourself the luckiest person in the world because they're the best people you'll ever meet.
Girl 1: Hey look at that bro coming down the road, he's smexy. He must be a Robert.
Robert: Hey there girl, meow!

Robert: Here, hold this lens cap for me... I'm busy being awesome.
Mikey: Anything for you Robert... I would do anything. I just wish I was a Robert.
by 33beegees May 08, 2013
The most amazing person in existence. Tends to be a gamer nerd, but hardworking and sensitive. He's AMAZING in bed, knows how to please a woman.
"I'm dating Robert now!"

"Really? I heard he's a pantydropper"
by Immanerdgurl March 14, 2013
Such a sly dog. A guy who pulls moves on girls when least expected.
He friended her on facebook, whatta Robert.
by Chipper Sheen August 22, 2010
An Extremly hot guy. Usually with dark hair and dark eyes. Sucks at lying and or acting. is talked about by peers and is often self obsorbed and overly confident.
did you see that hottie, he is such a robert.
oh my gosh a robert was staring at me today.
there were so many suckish roberts at the grammys who didn't win anything.
by mr. nobody 6468 March 07, 2009

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