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The biggest player you will ever meet. He'll lie just to get with you and then use you. never trust ANYONE named Robert Morsch.
fuck you robert morsch
by fuckyourobertmorsch August 25, 2011
A terrorist
Get down its Robert!!!!
by TRueAmerican7916 May 26, 2009
A male who is so obsessed with himself and photography that he doesn't realize that those around him cannot stand being around him and only use him for a ride to places. His photography isn't great and he never sends you the pictures. He is also very arrogant even though he has a large nose and a black woman ass.
Sarah didn't send her friends pictures from their graduation, so her friends said to her:
"gosh sarah, you're being such a robert!!"
by msmsn June 13, 2009
A homeless looking male generally due to his pre-pubescent gullet of nappy hair. Roberts tend to have had surgery on their penis's and so they hide their shlongs. Sighting a penis of a robert is like seeing a rare unicorn. Roberts synical about love as well, years later most people find out this is because the robert they knew was an extreme homosexual, although some Roberts due remain straight. Roberts also love to hunt and feel empowered by killing small animals. Beware that whenever you party with a Robert they will always get obnoxiously drunk and if at a club they will most certainly try to fingerbang a girl on the dance floor.
I just stripped that robert down but that quick little leprechaun always gets away before i can see his pot of gold.
by University of Iowa Professor November 07, 2010
A fine sexy man that only hott girls find attractive.

-Has rosy cheeks.
-And hott hairy legs.
Hott girl: That robert is one hot guy.
Ugly girl: ew he is ugly.
by ahyeeeeeees . March 06, 2010
Robert may also be known as Bob, or Bobbo.

Robert can be found in the streets hangin out with his "cuzy-bros" getting up to deavious activities or anything else that might involve being DODGY.

Robert can also be a loud mouth, always saying the wrong thing, to the wrong person at the wrong time.

Robert also has a high horse, but is more suitable for a pony.
That guy had to bail out his cousin on the weekend. His name must be Robert.
by Ekeim February 10, 2010
A wise-cracking, smart-talking, humorous, and quick-witted person who is the butt of jokes but secretly admired by all.
That guy over there is such a Robert, but man, he is cool.
by cool cousin-in-law February 03, 2010