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amazing guy who tries not to be mean but nice,fun and just caring. try's to be respectful to his friends....has amazingly light grey blue eyes...blond hair with a light hint of brown. If you ever come across someone like him be grateful and never let him out of your arms.
Girl 1: OH is that Robert ?

Girl 2: yeah why?

Girl 1: dont you like him? Talk to him I heard he has amazing light grey blue eyes

Girl 2: ok I will I mean he is nice and caring
by Lxs December 26, 2013
1 83

ROBERT is the #3 most common male name.
3.143% of men in the US are named ROBERT.
Around 3850175 US men are named ROBERT!

ROBERT is the #996 most common female name.
0.008% of females in the US are named ROBERT.
Around 10200 US females are named ROBERT!

ROBERT is the #2533 most common last name.
0.005% of last names in the US are ROBERT.
Around 12500 US last names are ROBERT!

(see previous definition....)

Then assume:

0.008*0.005 = 0.00004% women
3.143*0.005 = 0.015715% men


There are 100 women in the US called Robert Robert.
There are 39287 men in the US called Robert Robert. say 2% of people get married after meeting on So there are 2 women called Robert Robert who could potentially meet and marry 785 guys called Robert Robert, if they all were all internet dating. Which admit it. We all are.

Fed-Ex Guy... "is Mrs Robert there please?"

Bob-bob Jnr... "Mom... It's for you!"

Bertybob... "Yes, I am Robert Robert?"

Fed-Ex Guy..."How did you know my name? I am Robert Robert, Robert Robert"

Bob-bob Jnr..."shiiiiitt....I'll be darned. Hey Dad....Rob, come see this...It's another Bob-bob!"
by MitchElos February 06, 2010
141 226
The biggest player you will ever meet. He'll lie just to get with you and then use you. never trust ANYONE named Robert Morsch.
fuck you robert morsch
by fuckyourobertmorsch August 25, 2011
33 121
A person who hangs around the local park and outside side schoolgrounds at break and lunchtime.
Guy1: Hey did you see that Robert hangin outside the park?

Guy2: Yeah, Fuckin' kiddyfiddler
by Maesteg boys June 13, 2008
206 305
A homeless looking male generally due to his pre-pubescent gullet of nappy hair. Roberts tend to have had surgery on their penis's and so they hide their shlongs. Sighting a penis of a robert is like seeing a rare unicorn. Roberts synical about love as well, years later most people find out this is because the robert they knew was an extreme homosexual, although some Roberts due remain straight. Roberts also love to hunt and feel empowered by killing small animals. Beware that whenever you party with a Robert they will always get obnoxiously drunk and if at a club they will most certainly try to fingerbang a girl on the dance floor.
I just stripped that robert down but that quick little leprechaun always gets away before i can see his pot of gold.
by University of Iowa Professor November 07, 2010
34 142
A male that exhibits an extreme amount of flirtation when around any type of female. (i.e. fat, ugly, busted, disfigured, mole on the face) Often can be found employing the tactic of song to attract mates. Is turned on by magnum condoms, blow up mattresses, guitar hero, and blastoise. Likes to use the phrase "i'd do anything once", and once broke up with a girlfriend over world of warcraft.
O God Robert is coming hide your sister.
O God Robert is coming hide your girlfriend.
O God Robert is coming hide you dog.
by A. stoochle October 23, 2008
282 390
A Robert is an extremely nice and sweet person. He makes an awesome best friend and wingman. He also has a lot of dorky nick names that his friends unfortunately give him. Robert is easy to talk to, easy get along with and easy to love. He is extremely lazy, funny and always comes up with hilarious catch phrases that make you laugh. When you really get to know a Robert, you'll learn that he will put the ones he cares about before himself. He is a great listener, has good advice, and always knows what to say at the right time. Even though he gives great advice, he can rarely ever take his own. Robert's tend to have a lot of friends from all kinds of social groups, and also hangs out with a lot of attractive girls. Although Robert is sweet and has plenty of friends that are girls, he usually has trouble finding the right girl for him. When having Robert as a best friend, consider yourself very lucky because he is awesome and will always be there for you no matter what.
You sir look like the inside of a nose.

Robert: Wow that's das racist!!
Fabian: What does that mean?
Robert: It means more racist.
by Awesome 2530 March 21, 2012
192 302