FPH: Fat pumpkin head, fukstik, lebo arab loner. Chillax this is graus.
Robert Mokbel
by rahgioshsahsd October 25, 2010
Robert has soft light brown hair, and breathe taking green eyes that you could stare into for eternity. He's super sweet. He loves to laugh and make you laugh when all you feel like doing is crying. His smile shines brighter than the sun itself. He's muscular but not huge nor fat. He has hands made for holding. Robert loves to be close and personal with people and there's not a single chance to ever back away from him. He's the type of person you want to be closer to. He's easy to get close to even when you have blockades and barriers surrounding you. He doesn't give up on people no matter how hard they push him away. He cares maybe a little to much. You can trust him with your secrets. Roberts are typically the best friend to have and the hardest friend to lose. He speaks his mind but tries not to hurt people. He has felt much pain in his life and wouldn't wish any of the pain experience onto anyone.
marissa: "Is Robert here today?"
Sara: "I dont know but HE BETTER BE!"
marissa: "this class is nothing without Robert"

Luke: "Why the hell isnt Robert here?"
Robert: *walks in class late*
by I am Nobody. May 07, 2013
An athletic guy that always knows the right thing to say. He's always making stupid jokes. Typically has dark eyes and hair. Obsessed with sports. Sometimes over his head but always has good intention. He is a fun, loving person that always cares for who he's with and sometimes makes the wrong choices. But he's always there when you need him.
He is such a Robert!
by Underarmour17 December 16, 2013
a big d bag who is whipped and a big faggit towards everybody he will ditch on command from his dictator
yo man id hate have a girl and be like robert, that shits weak
by almost easy bitch January 29, 2008

ROBERT is the #3 most common male name.
3.143% of men in the US are named ROBERT.
Around 3850175 US men are named ROBERT!

ROBERT is the #996 most common female name.
0.008% of females in the US are named ROBERT.
Around 10200 US females are named ROBERT!

ROBERT is the #2533 most common last name.
0.005% of last names in the US are ROBERT.
Around 12500 US last names are ROBERT!

(see previous definition....)

Then assume:

0.008*0.005 = 0.00004% women
3.143*0.005 = 0.015715% men


There are 100 women in the US called Robert Robert.
There are 39287 men in the US called Robert Robert.

Match.com say 2% of people get married after meeting on Match.com. So there are 2 women called Robert Robert who could potentially meet and marry 785 guys called Robert Robert, if they all were all internet dating. Which admit it. We all are.

Fed-Ex Guy... "is Mrs Robert there please?"

Bob-bob Jnr... "Mom... It's for you!"

Bertybob... "Yes, I am Robert Robert?"

Fed-Ex Guy..."How did you know my name? I am Robert Robert, Robert Robert"

Bob-bob Jnr..."shiiiiitt....I'll be darned. Hey Dad....Rob, come see this...It's another Bob-bob!"
by MitchElos February 06, 2010
A Zeus-like character who is a BEAST at anything created by man or God. A total Chick magnet because of his dead sexiness, body of Hercules, and the personality of TWO angels. Perfect.
Betty: Hey did you hear about Robert ?
Alphabetty: Ya he pisses perfection into a cup of Godliness
by Daisy101 April 25, 2009
The most amazing, perfect, sweetest guy in the world. Someone who knows what say to make your heart melt. A guy that is very attractive and kind, who will make you fall in love. May not be the best artist, but he's talented in his own way.
That guy is such a Robert, since he's so amazing, cute and smart.
by rossieluver6398 May 04, 2010

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