A cuddley and caring human being. Hes a closed book, but when you get to know him he's a wonderful guy. The one he secretly wants doesn't know of his good intentions, only his flaws. He's intelligent but doesn't apply himself. His attention is either on his laptop or thinking about his "Juliet".
That's Robert, he's such an enigma
by a concerned individual October 20, 2013
A Robert is the ultimate babe
"Damnnnnnn he's a Robert!"
by Babii October 17, 2013
An extremely attractive male, that makes you fall under his love spell just by making direct eye contact. Has gorgeous blue eyes, but has a hard time realizing whats in front of him. Has very low self esteem, thinks hes ugly and doesn't try hard. Could be very smart if he tried to succeed. Peer pressured into trying bad things. Parents are mean to him which only makes him do worse things like sneaking out at night. Although he has quite a bit of issues/problems, Robert is one of the friendliest, nicest boy you will even met. He is very honest and you can always trust him with keeping a secret a secret. Robert likes to keep things to himself. You will never forget meeting a Robert and he will make a huge impact on your life. P.S. A very good dancer.
Friend: Whos that guy with eyes as blue as the ocean
Me: Oh thats Robert
Friend: Oh you like him
Me: Yes
Friend: He'd be a keeper
by UNKNOWN4441 January 02, 2013
Usually smiles and is not afraid to say what on there mind, Really sweet. But often gives up on love at a young age even though they shouldn't. They are always trying to please others like family. very Independent and would rather take care of others then be looked after. Has a good fashion sense and love there hair can often be mistaken for being "gay", but isn't. Very loyal, responsible ,fun and happy. Often though can have days when everything sucks and leaving them feeling down. Loves music especially new music, but also has a good taste for older music. One of the best people you will ever meet. Usually is very open and blunt but can also hide things like emotions and have walls, very close to a small group of friends, non-judgemental.
See that guy over there in twilight that is Robert Pattinson

He is such a Robert
by YourGirlJ July 23, 2011
Not the best looking guy around but is still kind of cute. Can be a major jerk sometimes, but it alright once you get to know him. Always says "Thanks for the compliment!" when you say "I love you." Has great taste in music. Dosen't take anyone's crap.
Robert is awesome! But he sure gets on my nerves sometimes.
by iLoveRobert:P April 05, 2011
A Robert is a really amazing guy that sometimes may confuse you but just take a minute to figure out how he really feels about you. He is gorgeous and hilarious and has the most mesmerizing blue-green eyes you have ever seen. He knows how to talk and will charm you into liking him. He may come off a little fast, but he is really a good religious guy. He is very talented and athletic. May be a little cocky at moments, but can be a total sweet heart. Robert is a very rare person and if you meet one never let him go. And warning, he is a hugger:)
Girl: I have never felt this way about anyone before!
Friend: Oh he must be a Robert...
Girl: <3
by man-golovesyou:) February 18, 2011
drives a big truck. pulls titties for a living. likes skanks & scum of the earth. has an awesome sister. is the future of nascar (missing teeth & all). constantly gets yelled at by father for nothing. always COMPLAINS and Bitches!!! perfectionist even tho hes no where near perfect. Is a good guy but maybe he hasnt realized it yet (or too stupid to figure it out) Friends wish he'd open his eyes. needs to get over himself. No matter what he is still loved by all. :)
It's all about the Robert.

That guy is such a Robert.
Ew are u with that dirtball? your such a robert.
by vivian1234 May 13, 2011

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