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drives a big truck. pulls titties for a living. likes skanks & scum of the earth. has an awesome sister. is the future of nascar (missing teeth & all). constantly gets yelled at by father for nothing. always COMPLAINS and Bitches!!! perfectionist even tho hes no where near perfect. Is a good guy but maybe he hasnt realized it yet (or too stupid to figure it out) Friends wish he'd open his eyes. needs to get over himself. No matter what he is still loved by all. :)
It's all about the Robert.

That guy is such a Robert.
Ew are u with that dirtball? your such a robert.
by vivian1234 May 13, 2011
Everyone always wants to know someone named Bob. Hence a Robert is either a crazy-assed individual with orgasmic sexual skills, but is trying to keep a low cover, or is just some uptight prick.
"Yo, I just fucked Bob last night and it was gre..."
"Hush girl, we're in the office, call him Robert round here."


"Who's that tight arsed, preppy little mamma's boy think he is anyway, some Sir Robert or something?"
by anonymous2121 April 10, 2006
A guy who likes to watch cheese , the fosters home of imaginary friends kid. Usually jacks off to myth busters while attacking a darren(dinasour). He likes to eat berries , and loves working out. And has a HUGE adam's apple.
by IlikeBigButts AndIcantLie December 12, 2010
A retarded gay cyborg
Robert:I am armorized
Me:Shut up u stupid faggot
by Jeffs a faggot June 06, 2005
Guy who enjoys casual loafing, and also is a rock climber depending on which region he is from.
(guy 1)Robert couldn't make it today, said he was busy. (guy 2) Must be loafing himself, he's always at it.
by Euan Bis October 17, 2008
Verb; An occurance, action or statement agreed by a majority to be so unhumourous with or without effort, that the occurance, action or statement is actually very hilarious.

Noun; A disguesting, annoying, unwashed teenage boy.
"Fuck, that joke Robert made was so pathetic that I actually laughed."
"Robert shit his pants in class? That's so funny!"

Robert: "I ate 2 roasted chickens today."
Robert: "Your alarm clock reminds me of the ambulance sirens in Sweden."
Robert: "I have body odor because Swedish people have big sweat glands!"
by Lisa Power December 27, 2007
A person with a reputation for munting.. Can be seen hanging around in graveyards in the early evening, waiting for the light to fade so that he can get to work.
"Robert struck again!! A number of corpses have been dug up"
by jpsaunders12 March 12, 2009