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A famed preacher that comes on TV late at night, normally on paid advertising channels or WBtv/PAX tv. Got his fame by acting very exicted about "God."; Someone who is out to get your money for his/her own "fake-christ" benefit; Someone with bad gas.
Stop being a Robert Tilton and give me back my money!

Dude, your ass smells like Robert Tilton!
by kornfreak October 24, 2005
An American televangelist who reached a peak in popularity during the run of his show, Success-N-Life. Also known as the Farting Preacher. Knows how to stick his stick up. Thank you, Jesus!
Dude, Robert Tilton farts like EVERY OTHER WORD!
by serendipity85 November 11, 2010
A legendary televangelist who instills a desire for lifelong learning about the Christian faith. His very strong beliefs in the Christian way of life and his very aggressive behaviour help him gain the viewers he needs. He is very melodramatic as well.
1.) Robert Tilton is the best televangelist I've ever seen !

2.) Mr. Tilton is not a fraud.
by Mr. B. Hardiman July 12, 2009
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