Edward Scissorhands little brother.
Just as cute,a hopeless romantic and blessed with a voice that makes me want to fuck.
Robert Smith: The Other Viagra
by bandanasrerad August 27, 2006
Top Definition
Robert James Smith (born April 21, 1959) Founding member and lead singer of The Cure.
Robert Smith Sings In the band The Cure.
by SimonFatty July 19, 2005
1.The worlds most incredibly sexiest man, ever!!!!!!, in a slightly creppy way
2.Pinicle of style which one can hope to achieve.
3.writer of some of the worlds most beatiful lyrics.
1. Wow, that guy is Smithin'
2. Wow that outfit is sooo Smith.
3. Those words are so Smithesque
by Audrey White August 09, 2004
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