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Evil half robot, half freak monster from retro cartoon "Voltron".
"Princess Alora to Hank. We've gotta kill that robeast!"
by Sparky May 16, 2003
33 9
1. noun. Reference from an 1980's Japanese animation series called Voltron. An evil and hideous-looking creature that stands over 50 feet tall.

2. noun. A fat, obese, and/or ugly-looking woman.
Oh my goodness, look at that Robeast trying to squeeze into that tiny swimsuit!
by Becky February 04, 2004
44 15
A very large sweaty 14 year old boy. they may smell like feces. and they fall down the stairs of school busses.
May I call you Robeast?
by Joetman May 07, 2008
7 21
A little known animal that wanders through the corridors of a psychology department in the Eastern Cape.
Look there's the Robeast!
by Robeast July 23, 2003
10 28