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To get three fourths a handjob and have to hold it in because your girl won't let you cum
damn I only got a rob job last night
by cryptshower925 February 03, 2008
To have sex with someone while others are in the same house/ vicinity
I went to a party the other night, and two of my friends pulled a robjob.
by Rachaelmate ;) December 03, 2008
The act of licking a female's anus whilst she is asleep
"I woke up last night and someone was Robjobbing me again!"
by chibichan5687 December 06, 2011
n)a sexual act performed by a male in which he uses one finger to stimulate a female's vaginal walls while licking around her clitoris. (also licking a female's freshly cleaned anus)
v)any act of vandalism performed against a racist or blasphemous male of high political power.
n) "You are a sexy man, thanks for the Robjob."
v) "I want to Robjob George W. Bush/Richard Nixon/Ronald Reagan."
by Robert J. Blevins July 26, 2006
The sexual act of defacating into your partners anus either directly or using some form of tubing. Originated by a sexual pioneer named Rob and his dear mother.
The woman cleaned the shit off her ass after getting a Rob-job.
by Edbu August 25, 2006
A. The cleaning of the anus to the balls and around the shaft, until fresh and new.

B. The combination of a blow job and a rim job, until the area is clean. This also aides in the protection and prevention of a urinary track infection.
No need to bleach my asshole, I will just get a RobJob.

That robJob was so good, I think I just got promoted to Chief Cock Sucker.
by Chief Kok-Sucker April 28, 2015
The sexual act of one man giving oral sex to a man while rotating in circles.
Guy 1: Your brother gave me a Rob-Job last night, it was amazing.
Guy 2: I always knew he was gay.
by JackThrapper May 23, 2012
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