South African slang for a graze or abrasion
My leg was covered in roasties from falling of my bicycle
by Tonytong January 13, 2011
Top Definition
4chan /r9k/ term for female; probably with an outie vagina
John : That roastie destroyed my life
by RoastieAnon July 21, 2015
A woman with millage on her poonani, she usually tries to justify her actions with the usual "genetics" argument. When in reality, she's just a hussy.
I was finally about to lose my virginity, then I found out she was a roastie :(
by Roshanda July 24, 2015
A female whose labia of their vagina resembles roast beef.
Dude, I went down on this roastie the other night. That shit was like eating an Arbys roast beef sandwich.
by Yewturn August 03, 2015
a burnout, preferably done in an American muscle car. Sometimes a ricer-lover will try to do a front wheel roastie in his 1999 Honda Civic. However, he will simply embarrass himself.
Bro, nice roastie at that stop light back there.
by ayejay17 November 13, 2014
an amazingly talented, and wonderful brit. A roastie is a warm, intelligent and all-knowing person. One can only hope to attain the status of roastie! A roastie is admired by all!
wow!...she a roastie!
by la grenouille March 06, 2010

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