To smoke marijuana and relax with friends; The act of smoking marijuana in a consequence free environment
You can come over if you want, we're just roastin'one down by the pool.
by QuasimoVIII August 09, 2008
The process of excessive flirting, often where the flirter has little hope of pulling. The Roast is often so dedicated in his cause that you will rarely see his prey on her own without him. Roasts are relentless, as they do not submit to rejection. Often associated with grafting.
"Man, Jim is trying it on really hard with that girl. I heard he followed her back to her house and camped outside overnight."
"No way! But she has a boyfriend?!"
"Yeah but man is a roast though"
by billboe20 April 06, 2015
Noun. - A person who is in every single way, a pile of meat. More simply, an extremely ugly fat person. An ideal roast, more commonly known as a "roast head", would have a very wrinkley forehead with very saggy proportions, they would succumb to a terribly embarrasing squash shaped head with a chin that just never ceases to amaze you. A roast must also have the lazy personallity to go with it. Someone with starfish like qualities who doesn't accomplish anything in life. Its not a word you can completely understand with out seeing examples...
Very good celebrity examples of roasts or roastheads are the following...

Louie Anderson

Don vito
Ralph Kramden
John Goodman
preston lacey

1.) Dude did you see that guy over there? What a fucking roast! His chin was so big he was practically wearing it on his head!

2.) Your such a roast head... you just sit there and flop around all day.
by Dwayne Delaney March 13, 2010
To make an extremely putred fart
"OMG who roasted?!? It smells like ass in here!"
by Anti Common January 30, 2010
Whoa who's that roast?" "your such a roast" "that girls is such a roast man..
by Cathybaby March 13, 2011
to put a on a roast involves:
>two eager males
>one horney slut wanting some cock
>and a shinny dollar (decides who goes where)

the ladie must then let the males enter her baby cave and cake hole
AT THE SAME TIME..... she will love it!

try it next dinner party you'll be surprised

also see spit roast
>>"come on boys lets chuck her on the roast"
>"is your sister home cause im hungry for a roast"
>>"roast her"
by MORRO "MR ROAST" MORRISON October 20, 2006
to have sex with someone.
to "roast" them.
by higuysays January 15, 2011
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