Used to define the hot temperature outside.
Guy 1:lads its quare warm today!
Guy 2:ye lad its roast!
Today was roast!
by FairOrgan May 29, 2011
Someone with a strong farming background, no regard for their appearance, basically born and raised lifting sheep and getting 'stuck in' with all elements of the farming area. Have no recognition of the proper manner which should be used in Civilized area, such as: Cities, Pubs (that are situated in the middle of nowhere), Off Licences, Nightclubs and just about anywhere you can think of that is not a Farm or a car park with loud exhausts and Subaru jackets. There dress sense generally consists of: Blue bootcut jeans, A checkered shirt, A car enthusiast jacket of some sort (occasionally can be truck or motherbike related!), A set of sandy caterpillar Dessert Boots (but in modern day they have branched into such brands as Timberland!) If for example they are not wearing a shirt you can guarantee they will have some sort of crude demeaning remark written across there t-shirt such as: 'If Found return to pub!' or 'Save water drink BEER!' these are generally purchased in the roasted clothing shop of TJS jeanscene which supplies Farm Animals all over Ireland with all there daily clothing needs! They generally accompany walking down civilized streets with screams such as 'WEH WOW WOOO' If you feel like just having a listen to some ROAST please just log into I-102-104 aka I radio!! this is when the roasts hit the airwaves!!
'Look at the filthy ROAST over there man'

'Oh my god what a farm animal and a roast!'

'What girl is seriously gonna find that ROAST attractive'

the list is endless
by Shanny-fanta October 05, 2010
Roast - to go "roast" is to completely abandon a community or any responsibility that you have.
E.G Jimmy went Roast on his class project - never turned up to help them, ignored everyone involved on it and it eventually broke down and failed.
by insideman June 21, 2014
To smoke weed.
Hey bro, I just got some dank nuggs, wanna go roast in the park?
by Referking December 07, 2010
A lesser known name for beef curtains. Another term for describing a girl that has beef curtains.
Alot of my buddies say pussy is pussy. But I never hook up with a girl if she has roast...
by NutsLike2LILAlmonds January 02, 2011
To smoke marijuana and relax with friends; The act of smoking marijuana in a consequence free environment
You can come over if you want, we're just roastin'one down by the pool.
by QuasimoVIII August 09, 2008
Noun. - A person who is in every single way, a pile of meat. More simply, an extremely ugly fat person. An ideal roast, more commonly known as a "roast head", would have a very wrinkley forehead with very saggy proportions, they would succumb to a terribly embarrasing squash shaped head with a chin that just never ceases to amaze you. A roast must also have the lazy personallity to go with it. Someone with starfish like qualities who doesn't accomplish anything in life. Its not a word you can completely understand with out seeing examples...
Very good celebrity examples of roasts or roastheads are the following...

Louie Anderson

Don vito
Ralph Kramden
John Goodman
preston lacey

1.) Dude did you see that guy over there? What a fucking roast! His chin was so big he was practically wearing it on his head!

2.) Your such a roast head... you just sit there and flop around all day.
by Dwayne Delaney March 13, 2010

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