The white man alrenative to Respect.

Its action of touching fists with a homie.
Person1: Ye blud
Person2: Yea man, roasts.
by Guy Wilson August 12, 2006
Used to define the hot temperature outside.
Guy 1:lads its quare warm today!
Guy 2:ye lad its roast!
Today was roast!
by FairOrgan May 29, 2011
Roast - to go "roast" is to completely abandon a community or any responsibility that you have.
E.G Jimmy went Roast on his class project - never turned up to help them, ignored everyone involved on it and it eventually broke down and failed.
by insideman June 21, 2014
What is yelled when someone just received an insult. Basically a burn, but more severe.
Did you see Jake in gym class, he tried to call Ben ugly, but he came back and roasted him.

Jake: Ben your so ugly.
Ben: You sure about that bud, why don't you go look in the mirror.
by imakedawurdzondiswebzeit May 14, 2015
a roast is when you say a perfectly timed comeback that leaves your opponent speechless.
"bro, yo teeth as jacked up as Donald Trumps hairline."

by takemyadvicebtch July 12, 2016
The process of excessive flirting, often where the flirter has little hope of pulling. The Roast is often so dedicated in his cause that you will rarely see his prey on her own without him. Roasts are relentless, as they do not submit to rejection. Often associated with grafting.
"Man, Jim is trying it on really hard with that girl. I heard he followed her back to her house and camped outside overnight."
"No way! But she has a boyfriend?!"
"Yeah but man is a roast though"
by billboe20 April 06, 2015
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