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A term often used amongst cullinary circles, a roast beef vagina consists of taking the following ingredients:

1 Wide-Set Vagina
2 lb. of roast beef
1/2 cup of mashed potatoes
A pinch of camel toe
And one large helping of Mama's Homestyle Erotic Gravy

Insert the ingridents into your girlfriend/date/sister then mix well with your tongue.
"Pardon me, waiter, but do you happen to have Roast Beef Vagina on the menue?"
"No sir, the last man ate us out."
by Lord Foppington October 04, 2008
A vagina with labia that look like they came straight from an Arby's beef n cheddar.
I fucked a girl last night with roast beef vagina and it gave a whole new meaning to the term "eating out."
by Lesbian FSM February 10, 2013
Roastbeef Vagina can be defined as a womans vagina that has the appearance of a wet, or moist, pink roastbeef. It may have you thinking Arby's.
Eww, that is nasty! She has a roastbeef vagina! D:<!!!
by Rich Dunne August 25, 2008
When the female vagina resembles a few (3 or more) then slices of roast beef, often giving off a foul odor of dog shit.
Mike: Dude!! did you sleep with Kathryn
Joe: Yeah I her roast beef vagina reeked.
by ipherca July 17, 2008
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