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(n.) A penis whose head is much larger in comparison to its shaft
I got made fun of in the locker room because i had a roan.
by xxcocksuckerelite69xx February 03, 2014
Watch out, because if you meet a Roan, he'll change you're life around like this... *snap*. He's one of the most fun people you could ever meet, and hanging out with a Roan is the most amazing thing. Roan's are splendid, they're total stud muffins, are funny, very run-y, humble, weird in the best way possible (well, weird is good after all), talented, and overall one of the most awesome and amazing people you will ever meet. If you do happen to have the pleasure to meet a Roan, well, you're one lucky person.
Hey look, it's Roan! Yay!
Let's kill 'im, let's kill Roan!
Heeeey Roan ;)
by theweirdestpseudonymever June 19, 2013
A gallon-sized jug of water that is carried and consumed by one individual over a period of time not to exceed two days. Excessive Roan drinking may lead to oversized and bloated arms that may leave the user only able to wear sleeveless shirts.
Yo man, pass me my Roan I'm really hungover.
by hdk5 March 18, 2009
A type of shoe construction popular during the 17th century. Roan bindings were tougher than most common ones because not only were the points of the shoe nails dummied to provide tighter grip, but a unique, more water-resistant glue was used.
Today, a pair of roan-bound shoes is potentially worth thousands of dollars.
by KernTheGerm July 23, 2004
1) Any girl whose name rhymes with any countless made up words, such as "pho-an" (meaning phone), "fu-ad" (food), etc.
2) Any special girl who is fortunate enough to recieve a dirty sanchez. Often with just the finger instead of the traditional meaning of "dirty sanchez"
Ivo: Dude! Did you see that dirty sanchez I gave to that Roan?
Bustano: Haha, yeah, the dingleberries were a nice touch!
Ivo: Thank you, thank you.
Bustano: Let's drink some more and see if that Roan will pass out on the toilet... again.
Ivo: Sounds like a plan to me.
by Ivo Man February 27, 2008

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