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n. -one who does not have the mental capacity to properly and safely navigate a public road.

Some one who drives like a retard.

Someone suffering from Roadtardation
During summer, Cape Cod is beset upon by roadtards. Driving becomes an exercise in futility and stress.
by The Afterworld Cafe October 10, 2007
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A severe mental disorder where a driver on the road is oblivious to basic motor vehicle operations and rules of the road. This condition affects teenagers to seniors.

Symptoms: Random braking, new driver sign, new driver sign written so badly that it must have been made by kids in play school, cutting you off, staring straight, unable to execute a turn while staying in his/her lane, driving onto incoming traffic...

Side Effects: Causes other drivers on the road massive road rage as well as giving them the middle finger.
Bob: Oh my god that driver just stopped on the freeway with his signal light on trying to get on the off ramp.

John: Typical move by a Road-Tard!!!!
by Evil McBain August 31, 2010
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Roadtard is a play on the word "roadguard", which is used to refer to a member of a military flight who stands in the way and blocks oncoming traffic so the flight can have safe passage across a roadway.

A roadtard is a roadguard who performs their duties in a ridiculous and/or mockworthy manner.
"Did you see the getup that roadtard was wearing today?" "Yeah, that's Freddy. Freddy the Roadtard."
by Benjamin Jason June 02, 2008
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