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A woman's vagina with enormous external hanging purple-ish colored "mud flaps" that is so gross and nausea-inducing that it reminds one of a smashed possum on the roadway i.e. roadkill pussy.
"Did you see Noreen's ugly pussy at the pool party last Saturday when the bitch whipped off her granny pants-like swimsuit bottoms?? I almost lost my lunch!!"

"Yeah man, her stuff looked like roadkill pussy!! I wouldn't fuck that bitch with YOUR dick!!"
by GoHome&GetYour FuckingShinebox January 11, 2010
smelly, dirty, wart infested, looks like someone ran it over 15 times with a big mack truck, something that needs to be buried far in the ground.
i would never touch that bitch she got road kill pussy
by tj"s man May 31, 2010