any beer over the size of 22 oz. you drink while driving
wanna stop and get some road soda for the long drive home?
by mooseknuckles November 12, 2002
A road soda is your best aid if you're thirsty, sleepy, hungry or bored.
I'm so thirsty! We've been like driving for five hours... Ahh... We just need some road sodas.
by NLU September 07, 2005
a mixed alcoholic beverage (i.e. rum & coke, soco & lime) contained in a water bottle or nalgene, usually taken to drink on the way to and during class.

Origin: Loyola College, Ninth Floor Campion 2005
Jesse: Yo man, what do you have in that nalgene there?? It smells like alcohol.

Conor: Yea man, thats because its a ROAD SODA!
by Jesse Hutchison December 07, 2005

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