ROADRAGE:the situation in which u get so fuckin angry at the slow fucks, u scream (muffled, so no one can hear), u honk, nd u may even ram the fucker with ur car..happens at the worst time..
Stacy: *screamin at the top of her lungs* bitch, do ya like it in da ass cuz thats where my car will go if u dont move it, u dumb fuck!
Tony: whoa gurl u sure got a lot of road rage.
by JeffreyDaGiraffe January 05, 2009
The Uphoric felling that you get at any time to go as fast as your car can possibly go while avoiding the cops at the same time
Damn..with my 1968 Dodge Charger R/T with a 426 hemi giving me 425 horsepower..I..FEEL...ROAD RAGE!!!
by James Lowe June 18, 2004

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