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A road pirate is a person that is employed by the state to steal money from you as you drive. They can be spotted hiding behind signs, parking lots or speeding past you on the road. Their cars are equipped with sirens and lights to scare you into pulling over when they are behind you. Their cars also have cages in them where they will place you to transport you to a larger cage.
I was stopped by a road pirate today while driving to work. He said I was speeding and threatened to put me in a cage unless I sent money to his employers.
by krazimu March 28, 2014
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A gypsy, Who lives in a caravan and lives where ever. They travel round fighting, attacking and stealing. They will take everythink which is worth money. If your not careful they will live in your garden. To make money they steal or sell clothes pegs and false gold earings. If you think you see one stay well away or ATTACK with a stick.
Person 1: Now dont go down to the woods. Road pirates are living there now.
Person 2: Ok..
Person 1: and watch out for their dirty dogs and horses! You dont what to be ill for the rest of your life.
by Courtney Dawe June 05, 2006

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