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Cartoon series that originaly aired on the Kids WB in 1996. It had two seasons that lasted untill early-mid 1997 at which point it was canceled. It was aired once again on Cartoon Network in 2000, that is the last known air date.

The show was about a group of super powered canine-morphs (Canines that walk upright like humans) that went on missions and saved the world, etc...
This show while containing a good amount of action, was all about it's comedy.

Despite the gigantic fandom of this series, finding episodes of this is seemingly impossible, leaving the community rather faded out and dead.
Exile: Don't be a weird boy!
by TaeianTwist February 10, 2005
1 Word related to Road Rovers
Pimpass old furry 'toon that sometimes comes on CN once in a while.
"Dude! Road Rovers is on Cartoon Network again!"

"Hello there, Mr. Fluffypants!"

by FurryToon May 31, 2004

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