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Jerkin it while driving
Hey bro, did you make it home okay last night?

Yeah bro, I road jerky'd to stay awake.
by Weezymagic August 23, 2011
1. The act of giving a handjob to the driver of a car. 2.The act of giving a handjob to the passenger by the driver is known as Senseless Road Jerky.
I have a boner. Give me some Road Jerky.
by Jus10x October 17, 2009
A highway that gets a lot of salt put on it in the winter.
The county plow trucks are out spreading salt and making road jerky.
by The Plowman November 27, 2012
Road Kill that was sat for a long period of time. the heat cures it like Beef Jerky
-"Man, you just hit that coyote"
-"Eh. It'll be road jerky before long in this heat."
by AZGator July 02, 2009
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