A spinning Retard; or a rotating retard, used to express something more retarded than just a retard.

You are a rotard
by Elliott Solomon August 23, 2003
Top Definition
Nickname given to former clientele of a now-defunct bullshit jazz bar in Kitsilano famous for the aromas of stale urinal cakes and late-middle age desparation.

Rotards are recognized by their inablity to converse on subjects not related to themselves or to their now rat-infested opium den of a restaurant. They are also infamous for occupying other local watering holes and filling them with characters ranging from self-obsessed gambling addicts to sadistic ex-high school football coaches.

The only defence against Ro-tards is to form a defensive circle and stare unblinkingly at any program on the television above one's head.
Man: Hey woody, what's up.

Woody the Ro-tard: Me memememememememememememememememeRossinis!(hummed to the tune from Moulin Rouge)
by spinynorman April 14, 2011
Someone who is of sub-par intelligence. also see retard or ratard. one who is lacking in intelligence. one who is stupid, dumb, or inane. Also see Meghan Volleyballs
Meghan is such a rotard, she bought keystone light.
by jeepbrah October 06, 2010
People who are from romania and acts stupid in games.
Same can be used for other countries, like potard, dutchtard, greektard etc. But most used for romanians.
Some dude keeps spamming with weird romanian swear words and you say: "shut up, rotard!"
by nana ^.^ February 09, 2010
Often used to describe a person who is obsessed with the Wankel design rotary engine, and usually Mazda RX7s in particular, to the point of total stupidity. In the mind of a hardcore rotard, teh RX7 is the finest automobile in modern history, and undoubtedly the best handling car evar. Most rotards will bristle and get quite defensive when confronted with factual issues relating to the fragility of their beloved engine, and will tend to make pointedly idiotic arguments to the contrary.
The rotard was quite humbled by the depressing task of pulling apex seal shards from his broken turbine impeller, and wondered if by removing them he was upsetting the perfect 50-50 weight distribution of his RX7.
by Cock McBlocken July 07, 2004
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