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also known as the prescription drug risperdal, Rizzy is made by grinding up the pill to create a powder which can then be snorted
I rolled through the streets wit about a kilo of rizzy in my pocket
by Tricky-G October 06, 2007
11 22
A synonym for the words: Sweet, cool, nice.
Usually a compliment.
person A: yo bro, i just did a sick 360 on my board.
person B: rizzy
by lazylaxer12 July 27, 2010
28 8
The colour red. Expression used in the movie "Boiler Room" used by character Glen in the Ferrari discussion at the poker table.
Rizzy is the colour nugga!
by Freddy August 03, 2004
37 24
Word meaning "Rocket Launcher" in Halo 2.
Cover me with the Snizzy, I'm going for the Rizzy.
by MajesticExplosio April 29, 2005
17 24
izzy and ricci both have a rizzy
GOD DAM IT CLETUS!! did u c the rizzy on them 2?
by fred April 02, 2005
12 26
1) A hairy vagina.

2) A mixture of cocaine and marijuana.
1) I miss rugmunching my ex-girlfriend's rizzy.

2) Let's go get crazy in your basement with some rizzy.
by Trent1112 May 12, 2007
10 27
noun: Its the transition from a slizzy; a girl at any given night that will let you bring her home and get it in.
It's a girl who is known for her promiscuous activities is called a Rizzy
by $Uav3 October 24, 2008
4 22