The proud grandson of the inventor of the squirrel, Chance Mcgrath.
OMG Jonjo O'Rizzle, you are so sexy, and the squirrel is such a good invention.
by Greg McGrath January 12, 2008
Stanky feet. Usually related to or associated with foot odor. It can really only be detected once the socks or foot covers come off.
friend: "Man, i will not let him play my rock band drums. He always takes his socks off and i cant take the rizzle!"
by Sir Dirrrrty August 31, 2008
To phone someone
Rizzle my phizzle my nizzle
by blah August 25, 2003
Crack Rock
-Rock - Rizzle
Let me hit that Rizzle out da Pizzle.
by Chubb Und Monkey February 25, 2005
A delicious snack made by removing fried chicken skins and deep frying them again. A staple side item at Hangers.
"If you like fried chicken you'll love rizzles!"
by Double Bear March 16, 2010

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