the ability to laugh and laugh at pointless random objects without having the ability to stop yourself
side effects.. stomach ache
tears streamed from his eyes.... oo stop getting urself in such a rizz, ull never snap out of it.. as he giggled hysterically at the gorilla advert on the tv.
#rizz #risible #rhiz #rizzle #rizzy
by Rizzle123 September 13, 2007
Top Definition
Rizz is crystal meth
Hey Bob why don't you and I go smoke some rizz and stay up for a week.
#crystal meth #ice #glass #methamphetamine #tweak
by mrniceguy101 September 20, 2011
a term used for cocaine
"You wanna do some rizz?"
#cocoa puff #juicy #rail #coke #speed
by Addix_420 May 09, 2008
Rizz is a nickname for the arabic name "Rizwan".
person1: Hey ! What's your name ?
Person2: My name is Rizwan. You can call me Rizz.
#rizwan #riz #rizwana #rizzo #rizzi
by Rizstar January 25, 2013
1. The state of being completely stoned
2. Your stoned mindset (which often alerts you of certain ideas and the edibility of certain objects)
3.To Rizz (Verb Form) The process of smoking in order to get high
4. Physical Marijuana product
5. Can be used in context with other names to alert fellow friends of a possible stoner
1. Im so f---ing rizzed right now
2. My rizz always tells me to watch cops and eat string cheese
3.Are yall rizzing right now?
4. How much rizz do you have?
5. Looks at the Jonathan Rizzmore (Stephen McRizzman)
#stoned #high #baked #torched #blazed
by Winston Kirby April 24, 2006
A rizz is where someone smokes tobacco out of a bong. There are rizz bongs as well as tobacco bongs, and the reason people usually have a separate bong for taking a rizz rather than smoking their weed is because the tobacco usually makes the bong taste nasty, unlike weed, which tastes amazing. It is different than a rizzle, which is where someone smokes the combination of that lovely green with a splash of tobacco. Rizzles make the stoned feeling happen a little faster,last a little longer, and hit a little harder. Similar to a spliff, but out of a bong, and not rolled.
Use in a sentence? okay. Every other persons definition is wrong because a rizz is not meth, cocaine, weed, or whatever the fuck else they say.

Here john, hit this rizz and smoke some weed and we'll play some video games together after that.
#bong #rizzle #spliff #weed #j #joint
by subzero121314 September 04, 2015
To be of peculiar or strange quality. Used to describe how odd or even how lame something is. It is of Northeastern origin, specifically Washington, DC.
That food was too rizz, I couldn't stomach a second bite.

"There were barely any women at the bar son...Yeah that shit was rizz!"
#wack #ridiculous #strange #insane #weird
by Ewisemanthegod April 28, 2015
Derived from krizpy, rizz is the state of being completely baked.
Hope I didn't rizz your roy shmoigo doy.
by qupert November 04, 2003
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