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Riyas are very caring people, beautiful,very intelligent, and sexy. Tend to be a little TOO curious sometimes, and vicious. But never tend to try to hurt people. Cares for her/him self and could be a little bad sometimes. Listens to too much music, you don't even know that 'it' walks around with a brain of 75% song lyrics all the time. Has an attitude, but is good at keeping secrets! Very stylish and very outgoing. Maybe shy from here to there but, always walk with a smile on its face!
That Riya is surely something.
by Sm!le November 25, 2013
voice of a goddess.
your like riya
by jwenny1234 February 06, 2010
Adjective:(Ri-i-a) the commonly used word to describe a person, place, or thing, like rainbows and unicorns; ex.colorful, joyful, and beautiful. This kind of people tend to be very optimistic, efficient, and willing in anything they do. Often talkative, yet very humorous, and entertaining. Even so, very attractive, beautiful, and intelligent. This kind of place may represent places like Paris, Washington monuments, Disney world, etc.
This place is so riya!!!
Our riya teacher is so awesome.
by 20yo202002 December 17, 2014

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