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Riverside and San Bernadino counties in southern California. Also the areas encompasing the 909 area code. Inhabitants consist mostly of bros, bro hoes, and other miscillaneous white trash denominations. The birthplace of the wifebeater. Place of the origin of the bro truck.
I got pulled over by some cop in rivertucky. Shouldn't he be pulling over bro trucks instead?
by C.J.v/d L. December 22, 2006
a neighborhood in north sioux city iowa where there are plenty of 1979 cameros on blocks in the front yard, larry the cable guy t shirts and miller lite beer cans. also known as satans asshole.
chris: hey do u guys wanna go out to the races tonight?
Spencer: fuck no dude, do i look like i grew up in rivertucky?
by Spencer Martin July 22, 2006
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