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a little 1 square mile town. but within that town lies 7000 illegal immigrates and 3001 drugged out americans. i must honestly tell you this town is very diverse. it's has skin heads, wiggers, nerds, jocks. the high school is still thinks it's 10,000 B.C theres no technology. band geeks are the popular ones in this school jocks are losers. if you dont smoke cigarettes your an outcast. every girl in the town is a super slut. sure there are cool people because most of are chilled. but never come to riverside looking for a fight because no one fights clean. if you wanna get jumped come on in and act tough. the principal in high school does coke.
when you walk into riverside, new jersey you'll be think you walked into the twilight zone.
by Action Basterd January 31, 2010

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